Mexican Saltillo Tile:

Terracotta Collection: Mexican Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile varies in color and shape. Tiles are shaped either by pressing quarried clay with a wooden frame (super), or carving out the desired shape (regular). Depending on the raw tile's placement among other tiles at the time of firing, its colorranges from yellow to a rich orange.

Saltillo tile has a long history going back to the 13th Century. It varies in look in each tile giving it a very unique character. It is now used in the modern world in both inside and outside applications. It is used in modern, mediteranian, spanish style homes, offices, and even any style apartments. It works with almost any style interiors due to it's simplicity and extremely bold look. Saltillo is only looks better as it ages due to each tile having it's own character.

Our tile is not a substitute or copy of Saltillo but actually comes directly from our manufacturer in Saltillo, Mexico. offers original Mexican San Felipe and Fleur De Lis tiles. Together they make a Riviera Pattern. Manufacturer that presents the Riviera Tiles for is an original producer and designer of San Felipe and Fleur De Lis tiles goes back 30 years ago for the Houston street San Felipe.

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