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Natural Stones. Himalayan Salt Bricks to build Your Perfect Spa:

Your own Private Dream CAVE Spa: Himalayan Salt.

Himalayan Salt is the purest salt on our planet today! Over 250 million years old, over 80 valuable trace minerals, mined in caves where it is hidden from acid rains and our modern world. It's a real treasure! 

Himalayan Salt is widely used in cooking. One of the unusual uses of large blocks of Himalayan Salt is cooking Wagyu (Kobe) beef steaks straight on the heated blocks right on the table! 

But one of the most common uses of Himalayan Salt is building Spa walls and floors with salt bricks, blocks, tiles or rocks. 

While relaxing in spa built out of these amazing salt blocks your body benefits from perfect combination of all of the trace minerals it contains. Not only does the salt purify the air you breath, you can also create magical atmosphere by simply building in lights behind the salt walls or in the floors - salt is transparent and transports light thru the entire brick or tile. Salt is rich in iron and has unique pink/white/burnt orange color variations.

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