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Hardwood and Terra Cotta Flooring:

Hardwood Flooring:

Wood crafting is one of the first accomplishments in human history. Even in ancient Egypt, where trees are not a common natural sourse, wood was widely used in many different structural applications. But only in 17-th century use of wood for the flooring finally become popular.

It wasn't until the Barouque Era (1625-1714) that wooden floors became elegant, starting with the French parquetry and marquetry patterns. Illusionistic 3D designs were made from hand cut and laid pieces of contrasting coloured hardwoods. They were then hand scraped of their overwood, scrubbed with sand, stained and polished. These were only found in the most affluent and royal homes of their time. Some of the merchant class would imitate this by painting a plank floor with designs, but few of these floors survive today.

The great abundance of wood in North America brought common use of the plank floor on the main floor during the Colonial Era (1607-1780). At last the new Americans could get off the raw earthen floors and enjoy the resiliency and warmth of wooden floors.

We offer: American Solid Hardwood Floors:
American Black Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Hickory.

Made in USA.

In 2011, our family purchased a beautiful Ozarks ranch near Springfield and Branson, Missouri. The ranch we purchased was filled with amazing old American Black Walnut, Red and White Oak, and Hickory trees. We were immediately approached by every hardwood company and logger in the state it seemed whom wanted to purchase our timber. We decided to not sell it to them. Keeping with our dedication to our customers, we are cutting out the middle men as well as the retailers. We log, mill, and sell our wood directly to our homeowners, designers, and builders. Saving thousands for amazing quality wood flooring and mouldings as well as beams and other products. With each tree taken, we plant a new tree to take its place from the same variety for future generations. We believe that our forefathers did not give us this land but it is on loan from our children.

We also source reclaimed wood for remilling into flooring from old barns, homes, and buildings. This inventory is always changing so contact with your needs.

If you are searching for fine SOLID hardwood flooring, give us the opportunity to show what we offer. Our millworker we have teamed with has over 30 years experience. We are producing the finest in hardwood flooring from the old European Estate traditions.

Our parquet floors have designs dating back to 1684 in France. They are timeless and handcrafted. We also combine our wood with our european terracotta tiles to create unique designs.

Terra Cotta Tiles:

Handmade Terracotta Tiles (CARRELAGE TERRE CUITE): presents Exclusive Handmade Antique Rustic Old World Terra Cotta (Italian: "Baked Earth") Tile that looks over 100 Years Old. You can order any design or pattern of freshly baked handmade tile with the texture that looks antique. We offer authentic tiles from France, Italy, Spain and Mexico. We also make trips to Europe every year in a search of Reclaimed materials. Currently we have several containers coming to US with gorgeous reclaimed and new tiles from France and Italy.

Terra cotta has been used throughout history for sculpture and pottery, as well as bricks and roof shingles. In ancient times, the first clay sculptures were dried (baked) in the sun after being formed. Later, they were placed in the ashes of open hearths to harden, and finally kilns were used, the same process we use in our factory today. Only after firing to high temperature would it be classed as a ceramic material strong enough to be used for the flooring.

Terra Cotta flooring was very popular in ancient Roman times. Large terra cotta tiles were used in first radiant heating applications in ancient Roma. During the Roman Empire the art of natural terra cotta and stone flooring reached a new height of innovation. These masters of architecture were able to design a series of floors that actually glowed with toasty warmth from below. These were the first below surface radiant heating systems.

This process made use of large tiles, propped up on joists, so that a gap was created beneath the surface of the floor. A furnace would then be placed at one end of this gap and lit, while a vent would be placed at the other end. This would draw heat continuously across the bottom of the floor, warming it considerably. These heated floors were used in the homes of the wealthy throughout the life of the empire.

Italians treasured terra cotta traditions throughout the history. One of the great examples of their respect for terra cotta flooring is wide numbers of chapels dated back to 15-th century in Bologna region. Chapels present incredible three-dimensional ornaments on the ceilings, richly decorated interiors and bold traditional terra cotta flooring.

Just like centuries ago, our manufacturers use wood burned kilns to create natural multicolored terra cotta tiles and bricks.  Each of our tiles has unique timeless multicolored reflection of the fire resembling a stamp of proof that tiles were baked in a real wood burning kiln. was produced for offering the finest handcrafted tiles and wood floors in the world all from one company. We are located in the heart of Ozarks in Missouri and ship tile all over the world. We refuse to sell any tiles that are not made by hand as done in the old world. The look these tiles present is lasting and will be treasured for years by their owners not to mention increasing the value of any property. When these tiles are in your home or business, you can be assured people will notice them like a fine suit. They make a statement about you, your company, or your home. We encourage you to inquire about any tile you see on our site. We can produce any design you desire on our tiles as we handmake all of our tiles by our artisians. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your project. We can personally call you to discuss your plans and give you a free consulation about our tiles.

Locations by appointment: Dallas TX, anywhere in Missouri, Chicago IL. We ship anywhere in USA and Worldwide.

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