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Marble and Cement Tiles:

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Cement and Marble Potosi tile is a handcrafted floor and wall Pasta tile, produced in Mexico for generations. The original Pasta technique was developed in 18th century in Italy using natural colors of granite and marble dust and cement. Today our manufacturer in Mexico continues this redondo tile tradition, producing also called Original Colonial Mission Tile in Mexico and creates the beauty and timeless gratitude of cement Pasta Potosi tile using the same original techniques. The process starts with the mold. Molds can be made to order, or you can choose one of the old ones some even created over 50 years ago (view our photo album below for the designs). You can also choose the traditional colors for a design from our collection, or order your own color scheme.

Process: The worker starts by pouring a thick wet sandy concrete into a square mold. The design mold is then set on top of the concrete, and colored pottery slip is poured into the different areas of the mold following the design. This is all must be done very quickly. The package is then pressed by an old, oily, and incredibly noisy hydraulic press for less than a minute, and then spit out on the other side. The end result is a 20 cm by 20 cm tile that is about an inch thick and quite heavy. One side is a cement, another side is a marble design. We have some designs in stock so please contact us about availability if you are in a rush.

Our manufacturer in Mexico produces the best quality of the original marble and cement tile and we present a wide variety of the beautiful designs for you to choose from. The design layer is " thick, giving the tile a great surface life, able to withstand all weather conditions and decades of traffic. Cement and marble Potosi tile can be found in many historic neighborhoods and public buildings throughout the U.S. and Mexico. View our Flash photo album below. This Pasta ( or some call Redondo tile ) has been used at Disney Resort in Orlando, McNay Museum in San Antonio, Spider Club in Los Angeles, Chuy's restaurants in Texas, and the Artisian Restaurant in New York. 

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